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Joe & Kim Peters

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Hola ACC,

An update from Panama.

The first part of the year the mission in Soloy was going along well. We were helping to feed between 140 – 160 kids. Then the virus hit here. We were put in “Quarantine” and were no longer allowed to freely travel (only allowed 2 hrs a day) and everything was shutdown except for essentials, same as you, but much more restrictive.

Once the dust settled a little. Our focus became how to get food to the people in Soloy. We used our time to purchase the staples needed. (rice beans oil salt) then bagged it all up. Then we go to the pastors house and drop off what we had. (He lives half way between us and Soloy) and 2 men from Soloy would pick them up from there, after getting permission to leave the comarca from the authorities.

So far, we sent 20 bags with water the week of March 30th and another 25 this week April 13th. We want to thank you for the continued support for this ministry. It has not been easy to send the food up there, but with God's grace we are doing what we can.

There are many other amazing thing happening here, that I hope we will be able to share with you when we come home to visit in May or June.

Until then, May God bless each and everyone of you at ACC. We love you and pray for you always. Please keep us in prayer.

In the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


Kim and Joe Peters.

Enjoy the pics.

woman 1
woman 2
what's in the bags
supplies and water
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