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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the service start?

Our service starts at 10am Sunday mornings.


What is the service like?

Although we take the worship of God seriously, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. We think you will find a welcoming, friendly group of people that will allow you to enjoy the service at your level of comfort. There will be no expectations of you (no "visitors stand up") and there is no need to give when we take the offering. The main two elements of a Sunday morning service are singing and teaching. The service lasts just over an hour and afterward there is a time of refreshments in the foyer for those who would like to stay.


What do I wear?

We believe that God cares more about what is in our hearts than the clothes we wear (1 Samuel 16:7). There  is no dress code. Feel free to dress comfortably - most do.


What about my kids?

Alden Community Church has a great program for children during its service. We have trained adults who consider it a great privilege to teach and minister to your children. Children birth to 4 are invited to come to PeeWee Zone and children 5-10 are invited to Kidzone. Our goal is to teach children that God has a plan for their life and there is no need that He cannot meet. On Wednesdays the kids can attend King's Kids which goes from 6:15-8:00 PM.


What about middle school and high school students?

We offer a variety of events, activities and services for our students. We desire to lead young people into a maturing devotion to God, a Christ-centered direction in life, and a desire to impact others during their teen years. The teens meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM, and for special activities.


The video below gives a little taste of what our Sunday morning looks like at Alden Community Church. Check it out and join us Sunday morning at 10!

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